Breakdown of Industry Employment in the City of Utica

This is a breakdown of industry employment within the City of Utica. The American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates reported that between 2011-2015 there were an estimated 23,005 workers above the age of 16 in the City. The table below shows the number employed and percentage of total employment for 13 industries within the City.

Percentage of Industry In the City of Utica
Industry Estimated Number of Workers Percent
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, and Mining 4.6 0.02
Construction 759.17 3.30
Manufacturing 2507.55 10.90
Wholesale Trade 322.07 1.40
Retail Trade 2599.57 11.30
Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities 713.15 3.10
Informational, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Renting/Leasing 2047.45 8.90
Professional, Scientific, Management, Administrative, and Waste Management Services 1587.35 6.90
Educational Services, Heath Care, and Social Assistance 7085.54 30.80
Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation, and Food Services 2622.57 11.40
Public Administration 1242.27 5.40
Armed Forces 46.01 0.20
Other Services 1449.32 6.30
Estimated Total Number of Workers                                     23,005.00

The data shows that Education, Healthcare and Social Assistance is by far the largest industry of employment at 7085 workers which is 30% of the total workforce.

Interestingly, Manufacturing, once the great majority of industry in the city, still employs 10% of the workforce. However, the Services sectors, such as retail, food, and entertainment, have over come Manufacturing.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates.

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