Rent In Oneida County


Rent in Oneida County is relatively low. Out of the 10 most populated communities, those with a population of 5,000 or more, the rent ranges from $647 to $936. A map and break down of the rent across these areas are below.

Rent in Oneida County
Community Estimated Total Population 2015 Median gross rent, 2011-2015
Kirkland, NY 10,184 $861
Lee, NY 6,459 $936
Marcy, NY 9,420 $805
New Hartford, NY 22,114 $804
Rome, NY 32,573 $713
Utica, NY 61,100 $666
Vernon, NY 5,397 $735
Verona, NY 6,279 $647
Westmoreland, NY 6,107 $916
Whitestown, NY 18,598 $665

It is not surprising that rent in the urban areas, such as Utica and Rome, is least expensive at $666 and $713 respectively. Traditionally, the rent in suburban areas is much higher which  shows true in such areas as New Hartford($804), Marcy($805), and Kirkland($861). What is surprising is how much more expensive the rural areas are compared to the suburbs and urban areas. Both the towns of Lee, at $936, and Westmoreland, at $916,  rank the highest and second highest respectively. What is further interesting is that the rural area of Verona has the lowest level of rent at $647.

For an interactive map on the comparison of rent in Oneida County follow this link:

All information from United States Census Bureau.


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