Daily Populations of the Utica/Rome Metro Area

It is no surprise that on most days a city’s or town’s population fluctuates. Commuters from the suburbs swell the cities reducing the surrounding towns population to a fraction of what they are during the night. So the question that begs to be asked, just how many people leave or arrive into a community every day in Utica/Rome metro data. Using information from the United States Census Bureau we are able to visualize that population shift in the most populous communities, those with a population over 5,00, during the day.

This first map looks at the gain in population each community receives during the day. The communities in grey loose population while those in red  gain.

Utica/Rome Metro Day Population Gain

Link To Interactive Map From Above

It is not surprising that Utica and Rome have the highest gains in day time population by total number of people. Utica rises from a total population of 61,835 to 73,308, while Rome rises from 33,900 to 40,180.

However, in terms of overall percent increase the towns of New Hartford and Herkimer are the highest and second highest respectively.

Utica/Rome Metro Day Population By Percent

Link to Interactive Map From Above

The town of New Hartford has the highest daytime population change by percent at 25.5. No doubt the towns status as the commercial center of the area plays an important roll in its high population swell. Interestingly the second highest percent daytime population change is the town of Herkimer at 19.7. During the day Herkimer’s population gains about 1,994 people growing from 10,120 to 12,114.

Here is a break down of all the information.

Community Total Population Estimated Day Time Population Daytime Population Change Percent Daytime Population Change
Frankfort, NY 7,573 5,932 -1,641 -21.7
German Flatts, NY 13,292 11,252 -2,040 -15.3
Herkimer, NY 10,120 12,114 1,994 19.7
Kirkland, NY 10,280 10,330 50 0.5
Lee, NY 6,514 4,096 -2,418 -37.1
Marcy, NY 9,074 9,574 500 5.5
New Hartford, NY 21,968 27,563 5,595 25.5
Rome, NY 33,900 40,180 6,280 18.5
Utica, NY 61,835 73,308 11,473 18.6
Vernon, NY 5,380 4,493 -887 -16.5
Verona, NY 6,298 7,459 1,161 18.4
Westmoreland, NY 6,138 4,287 -1,851 -30.2
Whitestown, NY 18,632 18,893 261 1.4

All Information from the United States Census Bureau

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